It been perfect weather lately for grilling. Something a lot of folks don’t know is we cut steaks to order at McCain Farms. Whether it is 2 or more, Cade or Sam will be glad to cut them for you and to your specifications. Call ahead at 318.644.2677 and they will be waiting on you or just drop by. You can also pick up a package of sausage to go along with your steak.

Another favorite we have ready to go is our bacon. BLT season will soon be coming to a close. Our bacon is sliced market style so you can taste bacon on your sandwich. It is also very darn good for breakfast too. You can find it at Randal’s Fine Meats. Gene Cox Grocery, Kountry Korner Convenience Store, and Calhoun Groceries, or we handle the 3 lb. packs at the shop in Calhoun.